• The-Sci-Fi-Show-Looper-Shane-Carruth-Scene

    Looper: Shane Carruth’s ‘Deleted Scene’ – Sideways Gravity & Rubble That Wipes Memory

    "when Bruce Willis loses his wife, or the memory of his wife, —because his narrative’s being changed— this was a like a fog that would come in and envelop the person. When the fog receded the person would be gone...

  • Jo-Spurrier-The-Sci-Fi-Show-Review

    Winter Be My Shield – Book Review

    Often when novels rely heavily on the nature of magic to drive the narrative, the descriptions are obtuse and deliberately vague. Spurrier, however, gives us a detailed account of an original system of magic in which power can be summoned from the pain, or the pleasure, of others....

  • Elysium_Launch_A4-Poster-1

    Elysium Review

    Ultimately, the film is visually stunning, an extraordinary look at a world that might be, with brilliant attention to detail, but the intricate story has, at its core, archetypes that help the story to work but do not engage the heart like well-crafted characters do....

  • elysium

    Elysium – Win Tickets and a T-shirt!

    If you're a Sci Fi fan, you know that Elysium opens in Australia on Thursday the 15th. To celebrate, I've got 10 prize packs including double passes and Elysium t-shirts for readers Australia wide....

  • Gardens-of-stone-the-sci-fi-show

    The Garden of Stones Author Mark T Barnes – Interview

    If you like your fantasy novels more like Dune than Discworld, get into Mark T Barnes The Gardens of Stone, the first novel in his Echoes of Empire trilogy. This is the Australian author’s debut novel, and it’s a fascinatingly intricate journey into a complex new world – each page ...

Stranger – an enigmatic teaser from Bad Robot


A man walks from the ocean at night, ropes hanging from his hands, and then…  a guy with his lips sewn together.

What are you up to, JJ?

Sorry for the sporadic posts…

But I’ve been sick. I’m going in for open heart surgery in the next few weeks, and should be back on deck a month after that.

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Pacific Rim – New Footage – ‘Destroy All Kaijus!’

Here’s a decent look at the monsters of Pacific Rim – if you don’t know about the rich history of Japanese monster movies and the ‘Kaiju’ that have starred in them, that have stemmed from 1954′s Godzilla, get yourself a crash course right now.

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Flashback: Tricia Helfer’s Final Battlestar Galactica Interview

Back in 2009, the impending finale of Battlestar Galactica was – well, it was the biggest thing ever. I was lucky enough to score a phone call with Tricia Helfer, Six herself, in a weird global hook-up. Ordinarily, I’m based …

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Your Spaceship of the Day – Busy Day At The Office

  This hectic battle scene was created for the MMORPG Jumpgate Evolution – the unreleased sequel to Jumpgate: The Reconstruction Initiative. For a wallpaper-sized version of the image (3000px wide), click here.