Space 1999 Will Be Rebooted


Space 1999, Gerry Anderson’s classic 70′s series starring Martin Landau and Barbara Bain, is getting rebooted, with a US version.

By Jace Hall, the guy behind the recent reboot of V.

ITV Studios America and HD Films are creating ‘Space 2099‘.

“This is a rare and exciting creative opportunity for anyone involved in storytelling and one that I am honoured to receive,” Hall said. “Science fiction is a powerful format capable of visualizing the human condition in thought-provoking ways.

“While we are indeed re-imagining the franchise and bringing something new and relevant to today’s audiences, I feel strongly that some of the overall tones set by the original “Space: 1999″ television show represent an exciting platform to explore possibilities.”

Whether Jace and the gang will stick with the Moon being blasted out of Earth’s orbit and floating out into space at seemingly hyper-light speeds is anyone’s guess. Probably not.

The one thing that they cannot do, without a tsunami of intense nerdrage, is mess with design of the Eagle One space ships too much. The Eagle One is considered one of the finest designs of Sci Fi, an icon to purists looking for that blend of realism and futurism.

Ironic, given the show’s illogical premise, and later encounters with shape-shifting aliens.

Still. It’s generally good news for space ship-loving Sci Fi fans everywhere.

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