The Amazing Spider-Man’s Web-Shooter: Tech Blueprints


Spider-Man originally had mechanical web-shooters. It’s no big new thing. Waaaaay back in the day, Sam Raimi and co, toyed with the idea of using them, but went with ‘organic’.

In the comics, the radioactive spider bite gave Peter Parker lots of abilities – superhuman strength, 20/20 vision, superfast healing, sticking to walls, ceilings, the famous spider sense, but NOT the ability to shoot spider web fluid from his wrists.

Peter, as a bit of genius, had to devise something of his own – et voila! Mechanical web-shooters.

Just released as a viral video, along with cool images and sketches, are a good OCD look at the Peter Parker-devised tech used to expel spider web-like fluid at bad guys.


The fluid is held in small, high pressure cartridges that revolve around a bracelet, resetting when each is empty, a bit like bullets in a revolver, only, you know… squirtier.

As a cool safety feature, you need Spider-Man’s super human strength to activate the ‘double tap’ that fires the web-shooter.

Occasionally, the web-shooters are modified to expel other liquids. Who knows what we might see in the film?

Here’s some friendly neighbourhood animation:


Sketch phase:


Time for the soldering iron:


Everything’s cooler with CG:


The Amazing Spider-Man releases in New Zealand on June 28, USA & Canada July 3, UK & Australia July 4, Russia July 5.

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