Lance Henriksen Shows Us His Tatts – Skype Interview

Here is our two-part interview with the inimitable Lance Henriksen, who is, above all else, a gentleman.

And a potter. And a tattoo enthusiast. He’s also, of course, Bishop, in Aliens, and will go down in Sci Fi history, just for that. But there’s so much more to talk about.

In this interview, he speaks about Millennium, and how he’d like to do a Millennium movie, how to do a quick draw, how he learned to fly, buying his own guns for westerns, learning to read by reading scripts, and, finally, he shows us his tattoos.

His tatts are cool – they tell the story of his life, and each marks a moment.

He is the white Samuel L. Jackson, able to walk in and out of any movie (no matter how crap) and emerge, head held high. He’s also an author – if you haven’t read ‘Not Bad For A Human’, his autobiography, well, you’re missing out.

You can buy it on Amazon.

Secrets of a long-lived acting career:

Tatts ahoy!

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