9 Pros and Cons of The Dark Knight Rises


The Dark Knight Rises has released trailer number 3 – finally allowing rabid bat-fans to stop licking the screen for more TDKR content.

As far as campaigns go, it looks like that’ll be all she wrote in the publicity department for the last of Nolan’s Batman movies.

We’re just over two months out from the film’s release date, we’ve waited this long so -what else could they possibly deliver besides the film itself?

Could they deliver more? If so – can they do so without being too spoilery?

As a lover of The Dark Knight, as we all are (or you can just stop reading now) – my expectations for this incarnations’ final adventure are astronomically high.

Yet, I’m having some internal issues with the few very brief shots that have been presented to me in the trailers. I trust Christopher Nolan to deliver the goods, and I have absolutely no authority, inside information nor qualifications to write the following – yet, I’m going to do so anyway, in the rich traditions of the internet.

So sit back and dismiss at your peril. Here are the pros and cons of The Dark Knight Rises as told from someone who hasn’t seen it.


Pro: TDKR is NOT in competition with Prometheus.

A lot of folks will say that the two fighters duking it out in the cinematic arena this year will be Ridley Scott’s Prometheus versus TDKR. I mean we could include The Avengers but we all have short attention spans, don’t we Kony 2012?

I can safely claim this victory in Batman’s Favour. Why? because The Dark Knight Rises isn’t in competition with anyone but The Dark Knight. Another reason, the writer of Prometheus, Damon Lindelof (Cowboys and Aliens anyone? I didn’t think so) has a twitter account (@damonlindelof).

Here is some of the content he will tweet on a daily basis:


While these may be funny, this is the guy who WROTE Prometheus and champions its cause. Do you see Christopher Nolan with a twitter account taking photos of himself lighting his own farts? NO! Nolan’s mystique, his very silence – that’s what’s creating half the expectation over TDKR.

His cone of silence is why there is a wet patch (of saliva) over my desk in anticipation.

Whereas tomorrow we’ll probably get another Prometheus trailer rammed down our throats.

Con: This Image.

Now, If I’m not mistaken, that looks like Batman is fighting bad guys with a sidekick!?

Which is fine, if I’m watching this movie:


But I didn’t go through seven years of character development from this:

Through to this:


Only to have him share the spotlight with some johnny-come-lately in the final act!

Oh – you’re mother warned you about getting into cars with stranger men? Well you should’ve stayed at home!

Having said that…


Pro: The ‘Breaking the Bat’.

What is Joseph Gorden-Levitt doing in this movie? Other than staring off into the distance here:

 and here:

Well it’s obvious isn’t it? He’s gonna be Batman.

Wait – WHAT?!

You heard me. It’s no secret that Bruce Wayne will most likely have his back broken in this film. It’s comic-book folklore that Bane was responsible, plus it would be such a Nolan-esque move to go out on such a melancholy note.

The title fits as The Dark Knight Will Rise, with Gordon-Levitt’s John Blake under the cowl and cape to take revenge for the damage done by Bane and his Army. Why is this a Pro? I dunno – because it would suck! It would be an emotionally wrenching moment the likes of which we’ve never seen in a super hero movie.

But at the end of the day – Nolan doesn’t sugar coat. Which is always a good thing.


Con: Gotham’s Reckoning.

I’m really going into overtime to suspend my disbelief that anyone is still living in Gotham City after what it has been through, even if eight years have passed between TDK and TDKR. What, with the poisoning of the water supply, the bombs on the ferry scare, the corruption of the police force, exploding hospitals and now what looks like orange jump-suited prisoners with machine guns and bridges collapsing willy-nilly into the Gotham River.

If Bane really is, as he claims to be, Gotham’s Reckoning – PAH-LEESE! The city’s seen a fucked-up amount of shit in the last decade, I really don’t think it’s on the menu to be brutalised even further!?

Even through all that carnage – the Rogues are still a kick ass football team.

Because this (in my books)

Is still 6 points!


Pro: The Bat-Wing


Con: The helicopter blades underneath.

What is this? A remote controlled quadrocopter?


Pro: Bane’s voice is more audible.

Wether this was a result of the public backlash or it was Nolan’s plan all along, we can now understand what Bane is saying in the minimal scenes where he is actually talking.

Con: Bane’s voice.

Now that we can hear him properly, we can all take turns slamming the ridiculous-ness of his accent.


Pro: Some back story.

This girl, Joey King, is listed on IMDB as ‘Young Talia Al Ghul’. With dark hair, she sorta, kinda could resemble a young Marion Cottiard, who is listed as a character named Miranda Tate (pffft – yeah ‘ok’).

My conclusion – with the return of Liam Neeson to bookend the series as Ra’s Al Ghul, this means we must see some flash backs.

To what exactly is anyone’s guess? In the campfire scene of Batman Begins, Ra’s explains to Bruce that vengeance helped him overcome his anger at the death of his wife. So we could possibly witness this very act. Was Bane involved? Will young Talia grow to be an ally of the Dark Knight?

Why else would she be listed as ‘Young’ if someone wasn’t going to come along and play her older?

Yep – there’s a lot to digest with the third trailer, I mean if you’re crazy enough to care.

But in twelve weeks this article will be irrelevant, so it’s fun to hypothesize (with all the authority vested in me by the internet) – while we still can.

Until then – Go Rogues!

- Jim Minns

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