The Hunger Games Will Release In Australia First, Aug 17


Mad keen on all things Katniss? Live Down Under? Good news for you!

Australia will be the first territory in the world to release The Hunger Games on DVD and Blu-ray, now confirmed for Friday 17 August.

The DVD will be released in a 2-disc edition, containing hours of additional features and never-before-seen footage.

The Blu-ray edition will be a 3-disc ‘Double Play’, and include content additional to the DVD as well as a digital copy to enable fans to view the movie on portable devices.

‘Double Play’ editions contain both the Blu-ray format, and a separate disc containing a digital copy file, which is compatible with both Windows Media Player and iTunes. Each copy contains a code, which, when the digital copy disc is inserted, unlocks the file and transfers the film to the computer.

The file can then be viewed on Windows compatible devices, or via the iTunes library, on iPod, iPad and iPhone.


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