40 Steve Thomas Images Celebrate A Retro View of Sci Fi

Cestus 3 Big

Steve Thomas is the man behind those fantastic Star Wars Travel Posters, but he also does some other fantastic art – most of it sci fi and geek related. Once you see his stuff – you’ll be hooked.

He has many influences – some of which are clearly vintage propaganda and travel posters of yesteryear. I personally love these, and I think you’ll love them too.

I know you’ve seen some of his work (it’s everywhere) but I wanted to show you the various styles and themes of his illustrations in this gallery. There’s also a very clever Hitchcock reference, if you loved The Birds.  He really knows his stuff, and as a geek’s geek, and an excellent artist, I think deserves to be celebrated.

Here’s 40 images of Steve Thomas Art that gives you a taste for his predilection for games , sci fi and fantasy. Hope you enjoy!

If you’d like to buy some of his work, you can, and you can even commission him, if you’d like. You can visit his website here, stevethomasart.com and buy things from his store here.

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