The Wooden Wonder of Alien 3′s Lost World


If you’re a Sci Fi fan like me, you’re probably already well aware that director Vincent Ward’s original vision for the third Alien film revolved around a wooden satellite, peopled by monks.

Sadly, this vision never made it to the big screen. That doesn’t mean that the vision has died – far from it – you can explore the story that might have been at in graphic form, which is rather cool and, I think, a wonderful ‘what if’ way to spend some delightful minutes.

I had a chat with Vincent Ward about his vision for Alien way back when What Dreams May Come came out – he basically nutted the full idea on the plane from Australia to the US, and they said ‘yes’ pretty much straight away.

Fox initially were enthused by his idea, but when it came down to the crunch, mad monks in a wooden death star didn’t sit well when it came to the ‘is this our summer blockbuster?’ line of decision makers. The film that was famously set for a deadline without a story was then rushed, pushed back, mangled, and ended costing far more than any of the other Alien films.

What’s really interesting about Vincent Ward’s vision is the blend between the spirituality of the monks and the naked horror of the xenomorph – it would, to the monks, have represented the devil incarnate, retribution for allowing crash survivor Ripley (a woman) on board their space-going monastery. Love a bit of gothic horror in space.

I particularly love the idea of fields of wheat inside the satellite, and a finale that had Ripley taking herself into the burning fields to once and for all end the menace, now growing inside her.

If you’ve seen these before, I apologise, if you haven’t, I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

You can see more at VincentWardFilms.Com


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