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Looper: Shane Carruth’s ‘Deleted Scene’ – Sideways Gravity & Rubble That Wipes Memory

“when Bruce Willis loses his wife, or the memory of his wife, —because his narrative’s being changed— this was a like a fog that would come in and envelop the person. When the fog receded the person would be gone

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Winter Be My Shield – Book Review

Often when novels rely heavily on the nature of magic to drive the narrative, the descriptions are obtuse and deliberately vague. Spurrier, however, gives us a detailed account of an original system of magic in which power can be summoned from the pain, or the pleasure, of others.

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Elysium Review

Ultimately, the film is visually stunning, an extraordinary look at a world that might be, with brilliant attention to detail, but the intricate story has, at its core, archetypes that help the story to work but do not engage the heart like well-crafted characters do.

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The Garden of Stones Author Mark T Barnes – Interview

If you like your fantasy novels more like Dune than Discworld, get into Mark T Barnes The Gardens of Stone, the first novel in his Echoes of Empire trilogy. This is the Australian author’s debut novel, and it’s a fascinatingly …

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Bridge of Swords – Book Review

Bridge of Swords, the first volume of a new trilogy from Duncan Lay, attempts a reinvention of the rather well-trod ground of elvish fantasy.

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Star Trek Into Darkness – Neutron Cream: The Greatest Film Prank Ever – Karl Urban Was The Final Victim

In October of 2012 Karl Urban finished off a gruelling world tour promoting Dredd 3D with a night at Popcorn Taxi. He had a great time – and entertained the crowd with some fantastic behind-the-scenes stories, becoming one of our favourite guests in the process.

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Interview: JJ Abrams Talks Star Trek Into Darkness

JJ Abrams has been working in Hollywood since 1990, getting his big break when his script for Regarding Henry was given the thumbs up by Harrison Ford. His career has bounced between the silver screen and TV ever since then, with Felicity, Alias, Lost, Fringe and MI:3, Super 8 and 2009′s Star Trek all highlights.

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Michael Biehn Interview – Dwayne Hicks Wants To Give Jim Cameron a Hug

For kids growing up in the 80′s, Michael Biehn needs no introduction. The man who was Corporal Hicks in ‘Aliens’, and before that, Kyle Reese in ‘Terminator’, became the iconic representation of the cool, calm and collected hero, ready to sacrifice himself for the greater good.

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Ray Harryhausen – 55 Pics Celebrating a Remarkable Career

This gallery contains 55 photos.

    Ray Harryhausenwas born in 1920, and died in 2013. His films, and the films he worked on, are a genre unto themselves. His work in stop-motion animation, and the imagination he explored via this process, inspired countless others …

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World War Z – 15 Minute Preview, First Impressions

I’ve just gotten back from seeing a 15 minute preview of Marc Forster’s World War Z. I don’t want to get all spoilery, but I will tell you key impressions of what I saw, so there will be some plot stuff …

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