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Star Wars Ep VII Writer Michael Arndt – Why He’s The Best Man For The Job

In two short years, Star Wars: Episode VII will kick off the sequel trilogy to the beloved Star Wars, thus fulfilling George Lucas’ prophecy all those years ago. The first step to redemption after the disappointment of the prequels – not write …

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George Lucas and The New Star Wars Trilogy “I have outlines for 7,8 & 9″

  Here’s the original video from Lucasfilm where George Lucas and Kathleen Kennedy discuss selling Lucasfilm to Disney, and the upcoming of slate of new Star Wars movies. Our bet is the new George Lucas will be Dave Filoni, of …

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John Rhys-Davies Interview – Sallah, Gimli And Crap TV

If you weren’t jam-packed into the Randwick Ritz at Popcorn Taxi’s Raiders of the Lost Ark screening with John Rhys-Davies earlier this September, then you missed the chance to see ‘Sallah’ up close and in a talkative mood. Luckily for …

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“I don’t have it with me…”

Han Solo’s Cantina Bar move was the smuggler’s equivalent of the “yawn and stretch” on a first date. Works every time. The Force will be with him, always.

I Know

This picture of Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford speaks volumes. A rare behind the scenes moment in the Star Wars universe.

What If The Phantom Menace Was Actually Good?

Turning Sci Fi Fantasy into Pure Fantasy: Belated Media’s deconstruction and reconstruction of Star Wars: Episode One – The Phantom Menace provides an intelligent perspective and what could have been had someone been in a position to tap George Lucas …

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Stifle your inner nerdrage, and let George speak: Here’s what he said to The Hollywood Reporter recently. Seriously: “The controversy over who shot first, Greedo or Han Solo, in Episode IV, what I did was try to clean up the …

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Spaceships and the City: Top 10 Alien Urban Encounters

It is a truth universally acknowledged that most of our alien visitors choose to frequent remote desert or rural regions of America. Some prefer to probe and bamboozle rednecks in relative obscurity, while others get their kicks playing discordant music …

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Star Wars: The Top 7 Things That Wouldn’t Exist Without It

SCI FI 7! #1. Everyone gives George Lucas a hard time about his Blu-ray scab-picking, but that’s just not fair when you stack it up against the actual movie that is Star Wars. Seriously. It was nominated for Best Picture. …

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ILM: Industrial Light And Magic – A Walkthrough In Pictures

Visit the house that George Lucas’ Star Wars built – or is it the house that built Star Wars? See icons from, and the future of, Sci Fi movie history in hi-res pictures. Sorry if these take a little while …

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