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Your Spaceship of The Day – ALL The Spaceships

Next year, Gothenburg, Sweden, will host a BSG LARP – in a destroyer

Kevin Smith: my prayer for Star Wars – A Boba Fett Time-Travel Movie

Attack The Block’s Joe Cornish Will Direct Neal Stephenson’s Snow Crash

Hells to the yeah!

Boing Boing interviews China Miéville

Boing Boing is goodness. China Miéville is an interesting author. When they get together, it’s worth a look.

Google’s ‘Project Glass’ means you will see the internet everywhere, all the time

FFS. Take a break, people. This is all ‘concept’ so not actually real, just yet. But still, a bit of a futuristic vision that will eventually see us all get ocular implants.

FRESH! Livestream Prometheus Q&A with Ridley Scott and Damon Lindelof

Yeah. They’ve got the big guns out for ‘Prometheus’. Lindelof found Prometheus hard to pronounce and a bit pretentious. Tells the tale of the original tale of Prometheus. Eagle-pecking glory. Thematic intent, however, is the key to the name. Female …

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Gamechanger: glasses-free 3D TV goes on sale in the UK Monday

Toshiba gets there first. 55 inches, at QuadHD (3840 x 2160) will cost you £7000.

‘Piranha’ director Alexandre Aja is getting into the Vampire business with ‘Undying Love’

Yeah. It’s a graphic novel.

John Carter’s Groin Scars

Taylor Kitsch was dragged into the air by wires during the filming of John Carter at speeds of 80 miles per hour.